Hi ! 

We are Tham & Hanin Zueiter, siblings with passion for creating music and helping other fellow musicians to reach their full potential - Bottom Line is, creativity makes us happy!

Working between Sweden and Spain we have combined our backgrounds and experience in Sound Engineering, Lighting design, Event Management, videography to develop a flexible and compact studio that can house various talents.


We are both musicians and creatives that have been through the whole process of music recording, production and artist development. We want to simplify communications, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere, create good relationships from our collaborations and we're excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, and make something beautiful together.


Now let´s get personal

Thamer Zueiter (Tham Sway)

Sound Engineer
Music Producer

Creativity and inventiveness comes naturally to Tham's music production. Tham is open-minded, allowing ideas to naturally present themselves and evolves them with precision. He will receive your ideas and tailor make them for you 

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Hanin Zueiter

Lighting designer
Talent search 

Introducing a unique style using natural light , it´s magical changes throughout the day and not following the books in one-shot videos is Hanin's infatuation. Hanin is also an observant songwriter that is always working on improving her craft by being aware of her surroundings and using that in her creative process.

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