Need your music mastered ?
Mastering is the processing of a premaster file  which results in a final, polished track that sounds great across all sound systems and reaches a professional standard of sound quality.

What we need from you 


All tracks should be delivered in audio format WAV 24bits never higher than 0dbs. Around 3dbs headroom (No DAW project files accepted)


Add your audio tracks in the "Download link" form below using a file sharing service : WeTransfer, Dropbox Google Drive, etc. Remember to name the tracks ex.: Kick, Bass, Sub, Synth lead, Piano, Guitar.


Send ALL tracks at once. EP/L.P, Only when all songs are completely finished.


Always attach/link to a  reference songs as  a mastering example of the sound you are looking for.

Tell us what you need
Mastering pricelist 
Price per song. Discount available for requests of mastering of more than 4 songs
Stereo Mastering
Traditional Mastering of a single premaster file for all digital platforms
1,499 SEK
Stem Mastering
Mastering of individual stems for a higher quality results.
1,995 SEK

Thank you for your message