Vocal mixing is one of the most crucial part of most songs and making sure they sound as good as possible is key. Whether you need to tune them, fix the timing, give them some ambience or add an effect, we got your back !

Some of the processes of vocal mixing include tuning, time editing, volume control and compression.

What we need from you


All tracks should be delivered in audio format WAV 24bits never higher than 0dbs. Around 3dbs headroom (no DAW project files accepted)


Add your audio tracks in the "Download link" form below using a file sharing service : WeTransfer, Dropbox Google Drive, etc. Remember to name the tracks e.g. Main Vocals, Harmony etc.. 


Send ALL tracks at once . For EP/L.P, Please send all tracks only when all songs are completely finished.


 For FULL MIX & VOCAL MIX, always include the raw lead vocal track, without any FX.


Always attach your Rough Mix/ Demo and Reference songs as mix examples of the sound you are looking for.

Tell us what you need


Thank you for your message! We will be in touch you shortly.